John: Gospel to Every Person

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Read 316.) The Gospel According to John, chapters 1 thru 3. If Matthew wrote for his people the Jews, Mark to the Romans, and Luke to the Greeks, all by AD 60; John was written a generation later and for every person! Keep 2 things in mind when you read John. First his purpose for writing, found in 20:31; and second, the 2 key words, ‘believe,’ and ‘life,’ found some 100 times and 44 times, respectively. Note particularly where the 2 are used together. You can’t miss John’s message with these things in mind. John seems aware of the previous 3 accounts, as he presents much new material they did not include, and leaves out much they had already told. Controversy as to whether Jesus was God, is dealt with from the outset. Chapter 1 opens: Jesus is God, Creator and Life-giver; physically and spiritually, but that people…

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