I ask for strength
God gave me challenges to make me strong
I ask for wisdom
God gave me problems to solve
I ask for prosperity
God you gave me Brains and Brawn to work
I ask for courage
God you give me danger to overcome
I ask for love
God you give me troubled people to help
I ask for favors
God you give me opportunities
I received nothing I wanted.
I received everything I needed.
STRENGH-To always be physically , emotionally , spiritually beyond any force that bears to come down on my mission , to be the best I can be.
To be a spiritual being , and still enjoy the physical aspect of my humanity.
Genesis 2:26- Then God said,”and now we will make human beings they will be like us and resemble us.
We’r like God, we resemble God.
Us refers to a lot of people, more than I, different , unique like them.
CHALLENGES-God gives them to me, so many, some are staring me right in the face, others minute yet you encourage me to believe in myself, believe in you.Believe, know I can do this , I can live life, a life with you.
1Peter 5: 8-11 Be alert, on the watch!Your enemy the devil roams around like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour.Be firm in your faithand resist him, because you know that your fellow believers in all the world are going through the same kind of suffering. But after you have suffered for a little while. The God of all grace, who calls you to share his eternal glory in union with Christ, will himself perfect you and give you firmness, strength, and a sure foundation.To him be the power for ever.Amen!
PROBLEMS TO SOLVE- Dear old Wisdom
Proverbs 4:23- Be careful how you think:your life is shaped by your thoughts.
Its life to always have something to solve, its knowledge to understand its there, its wisdom to not only see the truth of its nature but overcome it with grace.
Proverbs 8:4 I appeal to you mankind:
I call to everyone on earth
: 5 Are you immature?Learn to be mature
Are you foolish?Learn to have sense
:6 Listen to my excellent words
All I tell you is right
:7 What I say is the truth
Lie is hateful to me.
:8 Everything I say is true
Nothing is false or misleading
:9 To the man with insight, it is all clear
To the well informed it is all plain
: 10 Choose my instructions instead of silver
Choose knowledge rather than the finest gold.
Everytime you ask for wisdom, understand the problem is there and ask that you have the insight to see all that is true.
Proverbs 8:17 I love those who love me:
Whoever looks for me can find me.
PROSPERITY- Proverbs 8:18 I have riches and honor to give , prosperity and success
:19 what you get from me is better than the finest gold better than the purest silver.
:20 I walk the way of the righteousness
I follow the paths of justice
:21 giving the wealth to those who love me ,
Filling their houses with treasure.
You have a brain , you have the brawn- all that is you , love wisdom, want to learn.
COURAGE- Danger to overcome
Ezekiel 18:21 If an evil man stops sinning and keeps my laws, if he does what is right and good, he will not die, he will certainly live.All of his sins will be forgiven and he will live because he did what is right.
23 Do you think I enjoy seeing an evil man die? Ask the Sovereign Lord
“No” I would rather see him repent .
LOVE- 1 John 4:10- This is what love is: it is not that we have loved God , but that he loved us and sent his son to be the means by which our sins are forgiven
You ask for love , God gives you troubled people to help.
1 John3:16-18 This is how we know what love is:Christ gave his life for us.We too, then , ought to give our lives for our brothers!If a rich person sees his brother in need, yet closes his heart against his brother, how can he claim he loves God?My children , our love should not be just words and talk: it must be true love , which shows itself in action.
1Corithians 13:8 Love is eternal.They are inspired messages , but they are temporary, they are gifts of speaking in strange toungues, but they will cease
;there is knowledge it will pass.
OPPORTUNITIES-Galatians 6:9 So let us not become tired of doing good for we don’t give up.The time will come when we reap the harvest.So then as often as we have the chance, we should do good to everyone, and especially those who belong to our family in the faith.

I received nothing I wanted.
I received everything I needed.
Hebrews11:39- What record all of these have won by their faith! Yet they didn’t receive what God had decided on am even better plan for us.His purpose was that only in company with us would they be perfect.
Hebrews 6: 10-12 God is not unfair.He will not forget the work you did or the love you showed for himin the help you gave and are still giving to your fellow Christians. Our great desire is that each of you keep up his eagerness to the end, so that the things you hope for will come true.We do not want you to become lazy, but to be like those who believe and are patient, and so receive what God has prominsed,


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