Anchor Point


Yes, they are real.  They happen all the time.  We receive disheartening news.  We find ourselves in difficult situations.  We face disruptions to “our” plans every single day.  Life is full of disappointments… sort of.  There IS One who does NOT disappoint.  There is some “news” that is NOT disheartening.  There is a “place” you can find yourself in that is nothing but good, joyous, and peaceful.  It is a place near to the heart of God!  In spite of disappointments, remember this: JESUS NEVER DISAPPOINTS.  He can’t.  He won’t.  He just doesn’t.  It’s impossible.

But remember 3 specific things about disappointments when they came and from whence they come:

1. Disappointments come from PEOPLE.

But here’s the thing: If you’re reading this, go easy on “people” when they disappoint you.  It’s to be expected.  That’s what the flesh does.  It disappoints.  And remember, you are human flesh…

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